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Center Points

The Reinke pivot point is engineered to with-stand the stress and force exerted on it by the pivot system under all field conditions. The clean open design allows easy access to the controls while it provides a safer setting and simple access to other components requiring minimal maintenance. It can easily be retro-fitted to any substantial competitive pivot pad when the need to upgrade existing equipment is required.

Lateral Move Systems

Travel straight across square and rectangular fields with Reinke lateral move systems. These high-strength steel systems can irrigate nearly 100% of these fields.

Lateral move system Machines:

4-Wheel Power Tower

2-Wheel Power Tower

Hose Pull Systems

Canal Feed Systems

Specialty Systems

When a Reinke center pivot or a lateral move system isn’t what you need, you can be sure we have a specialty system that meets every one of your requirements. Whether your field is small, demands frequent light applications or has an obstacle or two, we have just the right system for you.

Control Panels

Our line of Reinke Precision Management (RPM) control panels lets you choose your level of control from manual in-field settings to programming pivot operation.

RPM Basic

RPM Standard

RPM Advanced

RPM Touch Screen

Variable Rate Irrigation

Reinke was the “First” to successfully introduce GPS technology into the control and management of centerpivot irrigation systems in 2002. Reinke was also the “First” to introduce touch screen technology to the pivotirrigation industry in 2009. Now Reinke is the “First” in the industry to integrate variable rate irrigation (VRI)with Touch Screen control and ‘end-of-system’ GPS. If you already have a Reinke Touch Screen control paneland Navigator GPS, you can get started using VRI without any additional components.


One of our trademarks is our commitment to our customers. Our business relationship starts with a handshake and continues with reliable, knowledgeable, experienced support and service through the life of your irrigation system or component. That’s how we keep customers for life.

Swing Arm Corners

The Swing Arm Corner System (SAC) lets you get more irrigated acres without buying more land or setting up a new water system. Our exclusive swing span design provides uniform application of water and chemicals and can be retrofitted on existing Reinke systems or on many competitor systems.

Remote Management

Through almost any device, you can command and monitor multiple pivots from almost any distance. You'll be able to see pivot locations, start, stop, monitor pressure, weather and more without being everywhere at once. It's on-the-go, push-button ease for less time managing irrigation and more time getting everything else done.


We are one of the largest irrigation systems and components manufacturers in the world.

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